Ok so this page is a bit random....it's some of the stuff that's me apart from advertising and design.


My perfect Car?








I had a DS23

for 9 years, then

alas the clever


got less than clever

so regrettably I got something slightly less beautiful but a lot more practical...an Audi TT.











Grew up on on Big Band,Tamla, Beach Boys Faces, Rod Stewart, Bowie, Glam, Punk, The Warsaw Concerto... and always a bit of Jazz. Bought a saxophone 25 years ago and took it up 5 years ago...and at last am playng with other musicians in a band called Charlie's boys. (see Video)


Also work on Jools' ('er indoors, or in this case outdoors) allotment, putting up sheds, building compost bins, and shovelling horse do's when weather permits.


I'm not one for shopping but there is one thing I wish I had bought when I had the chance...a huge framed original movie poster I saw a few years back...by the time I thought about it it had gone...















Apart from the usual things (eating, drinking and making merry) the rest of my time is spent being totally let down by politicians, religious leaders and gas and electricity suppliers whilst being pleasantly surprised at how good life generally is.



Oh and if you want a link to a cool website click on the reservoir dogs image and enjoy some minimal movie posters